How To Keep Your PU Leather Gaming Chair In Top Condition?

How To Keep Your PU Leather Gaming Chair In Top Condition?

Gaming chairs require attention from the gamers, and in exchange, they provide adequate comfort and support giving people the ultimate gaming experience. But endurable as they are - both build and material - you’ll still have to care for the PU leather to prevent excessive wear and tear from constant use. Here are several ways to keep your PU leather gaming chair in tip-top, long-lasting condition:

1. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight

If you have your gaming chair close to the window, make sure it isn’t in direct sunlight. The heat from sunlight can cause the leather to stiffen and crack. So always remember to keep it somewhere cool or, if it’s beside the window, it's better to draw the curtains during the day, especially in the hot summer.

2. Regularly clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth

Gaming chairs are comfortable to sit on, but dining areas are there for a reason. It's better not to eat from your gaming chair or minimize bringing food on it. If you have to, be sure you avoid spillages and use napkins to protect the seat’s surfaces.

You should aim to clean your chair maybe once a week. This gives you a fair chance at fighting dust, food crumbles, and particles, from forming stains and a chunk of dirt all over your chair. A quick rubbing across the surface with a slightly damp cloth will prevent stains and odors from seeping into the leather. Using a soft - preferably microfibre - cloth soaked in water works well enough. Avoid using soap or any harsh cleaning agents as these may damage the leather.

Please note that while the PU leather is water-resistant, prolonged exposure to moisture may still damage and cause the leather to lose its supple texture. If you’ve spilled liquid on the chair -- soak it up immediately with a cloth. Plus, You should, as far as possible, avoid sitting and leaning on the chair if you’re damp.

3. Add a chair covering

PU leather while resilient, are nevertheless prone to scratches and tears. A chair covering is essential to avoid irreparable scratches, especially if you have a cat or any other cute pet preferring to sit on your gaming chair. Also, you should avoid placing objects with abrasive surfaces or those with sharp edges on the chair.

Over time, PU leather will also gradually wear off, or peel off. To extend the life of the chair as long as you can, you should consider buying seat covers that offer an extra layer of protection against wear and tear.

4. Use leather conditioners

If you’re really serious about keeping your PU leather gaming chair in prime condition, you can use special PU leather conditioners. The conditioner helps maintain a layer of moisture on the leather so it will continue to feel smooth, soft, and pretty much like when you first got the chair. This should not be done excessively - once every 2 months is a good measure.

5. Treating your chair with care

As with any furniture, keeping your chair in good condition means treating it with care. More than cleaning the leather, you should so be sure to handle other parts of your gaming chair properly and gently to avoid breaking.

Regular maintenance involves picking up a screwdriver and a wrench and checking for loose bolts and screws. Moving around the gaming room may get your wheels tangled in fuzzy hair strands, dust, and food particles, among others. Before it gets that serious, check your casters to ensure you keep your gaming chair rolling. You may opt for a lubricant spray to get back the smooth glide after you clean the casters.

When acquiring a gaming chair, you must have checked out the maximum weight capacity for the chair. Observing the weight limits helps you ensure that you are watching out for the sturdiness of the chair as to matters frame, cushioning, and base area. Please read your manual to ensure you observe the manufacturer’s tips in maintaining your gaming chair.
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