FUQIDO black and red big and tall gaming chair with fluorescent strips 1325 series

The Best Gaming Chair for Big and Tall Gamer in 2021

As gaming chairs are as frequently used for a duration equal to the amount of time the gamer plays, you should have a gaming chair that is sturdy and provides fantastic and comfortable support. Think of gaming chairs as your own portable cockpit, and you are the captain of the ship. So it's really important and necessary for you to invest in a very good gaming chair.

FUQIDO has an amazing lineup of highly capable gaming chairs. And the FUQIDO Big and Tall Gaming Chair 1325 Series comes with a few unique features and comes with adjustable lumbar support and headrest.


FUQIDO gaming chairs are simple, to the point, and yet in our own way, elegant and stylish. The FUQIDO 1325 Series Gaming Chair doesn't try to overdo it with a bunch of bright colors or an exaggerated design. You can stick with classy black, or choose other nice colors matched with your gaming setup. Its racing style design looks wonderful but is not as provocative as many other gaming chairs. This lets it work well as an office chair too. The structure and form of the FUQIDO Big and Tall Gaming Chair 1325 Series seems predominantly utilitarian, with all of the shapes, curves, and edges performing some ergonomic function or another. The ergonomics will make you feel more comfortable when playing games and keep you focused and more productive, helping you work better and longer. The ergonomics also promote a very healthy sitting position, which prevents fatigue due to long hours of sitting in the office and gaming room.


The backrest and seat are coated in the high quality prime PU leather. The PU leather material is easy to clean, and even if you get some dirt on the chair, just wipe it off. Both the seat and backrest are made from comfortable foam, what this translates to is a reasonably firm surface to sit on and lean against, with enough give to be comfortable but a rigid structure that keeps you securely in your desired position and posture. The gas lift in this FUQIDO Big and Tall Gaming Chair 1325 Series is a class 4 lift, which means it’s extremely strong and has a smooth motion. All of these features, combined with the sturdy metal base, allow consumers up to 330 pounds to use the chair comfortably and safely.


The FUQIDO Big and Tall Gaming Chair 1325 Series has a taller backrest and wider seat base, which suit for big and tall gamer very well. The width of the seat is about 21.3 inches and the backrest is a nice 33.5 inches. There are a lot of chairs available in the market that promise spaciousness, but the majority of them fail to deliver, especially when the user is taller and bigger than average. The FUQIDO Big and Tall Gaming Chair 1325 Series is well equipped and suited for the larger gamer while at the same time being great for the average sized gamer.

Consider investing in a best gaming chair if you spend plenty of time playing games or working at the desk daily. The best gaming chairs will support your whole body well and can be tilted or reclined to a large degree for maximum comfort. The FUQIDO Big and Tall Gaming Chair 1325 Series will be a worthy investment if you want to step up your office setup, gaming room setup and overall gaming experience.
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