The Best Racing Style Gaming Chair in 2022

The Best Racing Style Gaming Chair in 2022

FUQIDO makes an impressive line of racing style big and tall gaming chairs. FUQIDO Big and Tall Gaming Chair 6627 Series are one of the high-end FUQIDO gaming chairs. Its dark colors and clean, symmetrical lines as well as 'FIGHT FOR GAME' embroidered on the front end of the seat cushion give a cool, professional look.

The FUQIDO Big and Tall Gaming Chair 6627 Series offers pro features that match up with the best pro-e-sports chairs. Thick layers of stereotypical foam padding on the seat and backrest are very dense and resilient. Every time you get out of the chair, the foam will pop back into its original shape. You can expect the foam to look and perform like new after a long period. The seat is wide and well-cushioned with lots of padding, and the high back racing style bucket seat provides an exceptionally snug feel when seated. Meanwhile, the backrest has a good recline angle range. The tall backrest and recline options help to support good posture over long periods of sitting. Better yet, 3D armrests make it easy to sync the chair with your body. The armrests move forward and backward to about 2.4 inches and move up and down to about 2.9 inches. Also, you can turn the armrests to both the left and right 30 degrees. Change the positions often to keep your arms and shoulders active while you sit.

This ergonomically designed gaming chair is made with PU leather, for a long-lasting finish that is easily cleaned and won’t fade. The lumbar pillow and headrest are adjustable, which support your head and lower back better and more flexibly according to your preferences. 6627 series gaming chair also uses the multi-function mechanism to tilt and lock the chair at an angle. All these features provide comfortable posture support for long periods and highly match up to its impressive looks.

Beyond the rich pro ergonomic features, this FUQIDO big and tall gaming chair has another best asset durability. Under its tough frame, the 6627 series chair is loaded with a custom heavy-duty gas piston for adjusting your height. The extra-strong metal base and super sturdy seat plate make it staunch enough to support gamers up to 330 lbs.

The FUQIDO 6627 series gaming chair sets an impressive bar for big and tall gamers. It is made with premium leather, has solid support for the back, is incredibly stable, and the metal frame is staunch enough. All of these are butt-base to get gamers through those long hours of gaming. If you’re trying to balance comfort with cost, the FUQIDO Big and Tall Gaming Chair 6627 Series is the best option.

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