What Sets FUQIDO Big and Tall Gaming Chair 6627 Series Apart?

What Sets FUQIDO Big and Tall Gaming Chair 6627 Series Apart?

FUQIDO big and tall 6627 series gaming chairs boast high-quality PU leather, high-density molding foam for the body, and enough tilt and armrests' adjustability to fine-tune the whole experience to suit however you sit. Available in black, gray, blue, and white, the FUQIDO 6 gaming 6627 series gaming chairs are incredible gaming chairs that could pass in an office environment.

The Build Quality Is Sturdy

FUQIDO 6627 series big and tall gaming chairs are surprisingly robust gaming chairs. They are sturdy enough to support up to 330 pounds of weight. These ergonomic high-back gaming chairs are made of the best thick PU leather. It’s relatively breathable and easy to clean. Hidden beneath the FUQIDO big and tall gaming chairs' PU leather exterior are foam cushions and the heavy metal frame.

FUQIDO 6627 gaming chair keeps the racing style, but they don't skimp on seat space. It has a 19.7 to 21.7 inches wide seat (though the sides of the seat take up some of that space), there's a heavy helping of space to sit. Overall, the FUQIDO 6627 series computer gaming chair is a fantastic-looking, super-tough gaming chair.

Everything Is Adjustable

While it takes about 15 or 20 minutes to assemble, you might spend more time playing with the chairs' armrests, recline, and other adjustable parts. Nearly every piece of the FUQIDO big and tall gaming chair can be adjusted in some way to suit your taste.

The adjustable ergonomic pillows are a nice touch, with high-quality foam inserts and high-quality PU leather covers. There are FUQIDO logos on both headrest and lumbar support for a refreshingly subtle feeling. As well as adjustable pillows, the FUQIDO 6627 series big and tall gaming chairs feature spacious three-directional armrests that are incredibly easy to adjust. The armrests can raise up or down, slide forward and back, and even rotate to the left and right. The FUQIDO big and tall computer gaming chair 6627 series also offers a 90-135 degrees recline, and, for those that like to take a more relaxed approach, it features a tilt mechanism with lockout to keep it rocked back at the perfect angle.

It’s Superior Comfortable

Once you have the FUQIDO 6627 series big and tall gaming chairs adjusted to your taste, they are incredibly comfortable chairs. Not just because they are cozy and ergonomic, but because the seat is super roomy, and they are tall enough to accommodate big guys. Leaning all the way back in the FUQIDO big and tall gaming chair 6627 series is like laying on a couch with tons of lumbar support.

The FUQIDO big and tall gaming chair 6627 series owes most of its comfort and ergonomics to the high back ergonomic design and the included soft foam lumbar pillow. Without the lumbar pillow, it’s just hard to find a comfortable sitting position. The prominent backrest wings are a welcome addition to the FUQIDO 6627 gaming chairs, providing additional support to the shoulders and back.

The FUQIDO 6627 gaming chairs are tough, well-made, adjustable, and comfortable. They have wider and longer seats than many gaming chairs, along with wide backrests that don't dig into your sides. If you’ve never sat in a chair that really fits you before, you will be amazed by this FUQIDO big and tall gaming chair 6627 series.

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