FUQIDO 1325 Series Gaming Chair with Fluorescent Strips

You Can’t Go Wrong with FUQIDO 1325 Series Gaming Chair

FUQIDO gaming chairs try to provide the best possible experience on the lowest possible budget. The FUQIDO gaming chair 1325 series is especially notable because of its innovative fluorescent design.

There are 4 special-designed fluorescent strips between back wings, not like exaggerated LED light, but be your side in a quite modest-way that offers you a unique gaming experience in the dark. If you’re looking for a high-quality gaming chair in the mid-tier price range, you can’t go wrong with the FUQIDO 1325 gaming chair. This chair costs $239.99, less than some of its rivals. Additionally, it comes in six colors (black, gray, red, blue, white and pink), so you can choose whichever complements your decoration best.

The first thing you’ll notice about the FUQIDO gaming chair 1325 series is the affixed cloth embroidered design. This craft originated famous Suzhou Embroidery, which is one of the oldest embroidery techniques in the world. It will make your chair pattern more steric and vivid, and the whole chair back more integrated. The affixed cloth embroidered design makes the main difference between the FUQIDO 1325 gaming chair and other gaming chairs in the market.

FUQIDO 1325 series takes the best parts of a traditional office chair (ease of use, comfort) and combines them with the best parts of a racing-style chair (better back support, designed for extended use). This ergonomic design actually provides extra support to your spine and helps to reduce the amount of discomfort you’ll feel after sitting for extended periods.

This chair has excellent ergonomics, in part because the armrests are adjustable too. They can be raised, lowered, or even removed if you’d prefer. If you want to protect your back while sitting for long periods of time, the FUQIDO gaming chair 1325 series is a decent way to do it. The adjustable lumbar support and headrest cushions amplify ergonomics. The headrest cushion is adjustable that is attached with straps. This allows you to remain as comfortable as possible, regardless of your position. 

This chair remains comfortable even after extended periods of usage. Due to its combination of PU leather and extra-thick high density foam of the seat. The PU leather looks great and is easy to clean, while the extra-thick high density foam of the seat provides lasting support and improves the seating experience during those long gaming sessions. The seat height can be adjusted(18.1’’ at its lowest, 21.3’’ at its highest). And there’s a tilt feature that allows you to recline up to 150 degrees at most and lock it in place at any point. The whole chair is very sturdy with a SGS certified gas lift and high-quality metal base, which can support up to 330 pounds, so that’s a plus. 

The FUQIDO gaming chair 1325 series is a premium, cost-effective and incredibly comfortable gaming chair. It definitely stands out from the crowd. It’s suitable not just for gamers, but also for anyone that sits for long hours at a desk. Programmers, office workers, really anyone could benefit from upgrading to this model.  

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