"Can blind people play games?" 

In the summer of 2013, Tom watched a movie Touch Of The Light adapted from real life, which tells the story between a blind pianist and a girl who gave up her dancing dream because of financial problems. He was deeply touched by their independent spirit and restless pursuit of their dreams. 

Back then, Tom owned a chair factory with 23 years of experience passed down by his father. He started to regularly donate money to charity agencies every year to help those blind children. 

In 2020, Tom watched a short video of a gaming manufacturer. He was again amazed by clips of a blind boy playing a video game under the help sound. It was much harder for blind people to play video games than ordinary persons. Or before that, he didn't even know blind people have the need to play video games just like we do. Tom admired the video game company, and he began to think about new ways to help these blind people, who want to enjoy video games as normal people do, other than donations.  

In the spring of 2021, Tom finally made up his mind to establish a gaming chair brand FUQIDO. Besides making comfortable, durable chairs, a certain percentage of the profit still goes to charity to help the blind. He will also be exploring other ways that can help blind people. 

The meaning of FUQIDO in Chinese is delivering a good blessing. Blessing those people can reap good luck and happiness. Our slogan is more than one comfortable color. We are hoping that one day, blind people will experience a "colorful" world.