FUQIDO Big and Tall Gaming Chair 1325 Series with Fluorescent Strips

A Comfortable, Quality Gaming and Office Chair

Most standard gaming and office chairs have a maximum weight capacity between 200 to 300 pounds. Heavier users with wider proportions have the option of buying a big and tall gaming and office chair, which has a larger seat and taller backrest. They also come with heavy-duty, extra-reinforced parts that support heavier loads very well over longer periods.

Looking for a best big and tall gaming and office chair depends on your own needs. But it’s really worth paying more for premium padding and ergonomic features. The FUQIDO Big and Tall Gaming Chair 1325 Series comes with some abundant ergonomic features. These include adjustable armrests, deep recline, and a multi-function tilt-lock.

Features of the FUQIDO Big and Tall Gaming Chair 1325 Series

Incredibly Easy Assembly — If you have little ability in assembly or you don't want to spend too much time on assembly, then look no further than the FUQIDO Big and Tall Gaming Chair 1325 Series. All the steps and procedures in the manual are very clear, which will help you assemble the chair within 20 minutes easily and fast, and is perfectly acceptable for one person.

High Quality Material — It values comfort. The foam inside the FUQIDO Big and Tall Gaming Chair 1325 Series is comfortable and durable. The comfort lasts for a lot longer, and you won’t get burn feeling when you stand up on your tailbone, back, or neck, which will help you get into the groove, you will forget that you’re sitting and immerse with full concentration into your work and game.

Adjustable Lumbar Support and Head Pillow — It is equipped with a adjustable lumbar support and head pillow that the material of them are soft and won't deform easily over long period. They will support your back and neck properly and comfortably for long hours. With a healthy posture while sitting and the blessing of the high back ergonomic design, you will enjoy an unprecedented comfort, as well as boosted energy levels and greater productivity.

Multi-function Adjustment — The FUQIDO Big and Tall Gaming Chair 1325 Series includes multi-tilt and allows you to lock the chair into place once you’ve found a nice, comfortable leaning position (up to 150 degrees at most). With the sturdy and stable metal base, you can tilt back safely without worrying about falling over. This FUQIDO computer gaming chair also has adjustable armrests that you can lift the armrests or lower the armrest to find the most suitable position.

The FUQIDO 1325 series gaming chair is a best professional-quality gaming chair for big and tall users, which can supports 330 pounds. The flat, wide seat, tall backrest, lumbar support and superb comfortable foam padding provides excellent support for big and tall bodies.

It has six colors available now, including black, gray, blue, red, white and pink. Whether you need an office chair suitable for your office setup or you need a gaming chair for your gaming room setup, the FUQIDO Big and Tall Gaming Chair 1325 Series won't make you disappointed.
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